The Juan Maclean: Dummy Mix #48

Ein eher seltener Mix von The Juan Maclean für das Dummy Magazin. Gefällt mir gut.

It’s a bit of a tribute to Aaron Carl, a House producer from Detroit who I have always admired. I started with one of his tracks, Crucified, which is about as soulful as House music can be, and ends with a rare deep track of his called Wallshaker. I did the entire mix in one take with all vinyl, so it’s a bit on the old school side. Thematically, there is a lot of soulful House stuff on here, again as a tribute to Aaron. It’s also very much the type of stuff I’ve been playing out lately.

The Juan Maclean – Dummy Mix #48


01 Aaron Carl – Crucified
02 Andre Crom and Martin Dawson – Gonna Be Alright
03 Audiojack – Shakedown
04 Mark Broom – Supersnout
05 Terisa Griffin/Terry Hunter – Wonderful (Kenny Dope Remix)
06 Superlounge – Black Buddy
07 Butch – No Worries
08 Johnny D – Love Me Or Leave Me
09 Hot Chip – One Life Stand (Florien Meindl Remix)
10 Andre Crom & Luca Doobie – Attica
11 Larry Heard – Burning 4 You
12 Aaron Carl – Wallshaker



2 Antworten zu “The Juan Maclean: Dummy Mix #48

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  2. danke für via. schönen blog, ich mag es!

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