Resident Advisor Podcast: RA.223 Superpitcher

RA.223 Superpitcher

Und wieder mal gibt es einen neuen Podcast aus dem Hause RA. Diesmal vom Superpitcher.

Download: Superpitcher – RA.223 – 06.09.2010 (Hotfile)

The Cologne dandy presents a bewitching mix of voodoo house and techno.

There are few producers who embody the spirit of the Kompakt label more than Aksel Schaufler. Over the past decade, his Superpitcher output has cemented his place as one of the label’s most enduring artists, covering schaffel, micro house, stomping Cologne techno and, of course, his own brand of dreamily emotive electronic pop.

Although he’s proved himself to be adept at creating driving, club-ready anthems for the Kompakt Extra sub-label, his forays into the album format have seen Schaufler demonstrate his keen ear for a killer pop hook. Here Comes Love’s brooding vocal techno was well received by rock and electronic audiences alike, while his Supermayer project with Kompakt co-founder Michael Mayer saw him continue to blur genre boundaries in a wonderfully oddball manner. His sophomore solo full-length, Kilimanjaro, is due for release this week, and showcases a slighty more jaunty vibe than the lush melancholia of its predecessor. Those of you who are looking for a preview can check out a couple of its inclusions on his self-described „voodoo“ mix for this week’s RA podcast.




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